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Alexis Jordan Album Mp3 Songs Free Download or Listen Online

Alexis Jordan (2011) Album Mp3 Audio Songs free download or listen online
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Alexis Jordan album songs download
Album: Alexis Jordan
Artist: Alexis Jordan
Release date: February 28, 2011
Label: StarRoc/Roc Nation
Genre: R&B, Pop, Dance-Pop
Length: 40:33
Producer: Stargate

.:: Tracklist ‘n’ Download Links ::.

1.Alexis Jordan – Happiness
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

2.Alexis Jordan – Good Girl
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

3.Alexis Jordan – How You Like Me Now
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

4.Alexis Jordan – Say That
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

5.Alexis Jordan – Love Mist
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

6.Alexis Jordan – Habit
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

7.Alexis Jordan – Hush Hush
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

8.Alexis Jordan – High Road
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

9.Alexis Jordan – Shout Shout
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

10.Alexis Jordan – Laying Around
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

11.Alexis Jordan – The Air That I Breathe
Download Link – [MF] OR [MU] OR [MA]

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